Images Mateo doing his schoolwork Mateo doing his schoolwork Mateo fighting a battle Mateo dealing the death sword strike Mateo with his sword, shield and helmet Mateo possessed by his sword, shield and helmet Gianluca, Rod and Mateo starting to put up the trampoline The base of the trampoline in place Sorting out all the pieces of the trampoline Rod, Gianluca and Mateo putting the trampoline together Putting up the legs of the trampoline Mateo and Gianluca doing the first jumps on the unfinished trampoline Mateo imagining a life with a trampoline Putting up the wall netting of the trampoline Putting up the wall netting of the trampoline Mateo trying out the new trampoline Gianluca and Rod putting together the trampoline basketball hoop Christa and Gianluca performing a static electricity balloon experiment Gianluca and Mateo with static electricity balloons Mateo and Gianluca trapped within the trampoline Rod and Gianluca cooking dinner Ingredients for the dinner Gianluca and Rod cooking Dinner salad Gianluca stirring the main entree Grandma smelling the evening's dinner Gianluca trapped within the trampoline Rod zapping the tree Rod and a burn pile reduced to ash Rod has zapped the tree to the ground Christa and burn pile attire Grandpa with his favorite - corn on the cob! Gianluca with a winning Uno hand Mateo with cat eyes on the landing getting ready to release a parachuter Gianluca and Gooseberry on the Sycamore steps Mateo and Rod making dinner Mateo and Christa making dinner Rod and Christa cooking Rod and Christa cooking Mateo and Rod making the worlds best hamburgers Rod and Mateo with the hamburger patty fresh out from the oven Gianluca, Mateo and Rod with hamburgers A close up of the worlds best hamburger Christa and a mirror selfie Christa Mateo and his box gladiator outfit Rod ripping out the old shower wall at the river house Christa
Videos Starting to assemble the trampoline Mateo tries the limbo as the trampoline is assembled Mateo, Gianluca and the first bounces on the trampoline Final trampoline assembly Mateo and his box knight outfit Gianluca, Mateo and the box knight fight

March, 2017

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