Images the boat at the dock GA 9058 LE - port front GA 9058 LE - starboard front back view port back view damaged port centerboard laying on the trampoline port front windows starboard front windows port front starboard front damaged port centerboard port front trampoline starboard front trampoline port front bow starboard front bow starboard front bow damage1 starboard front bow damage2 looking across the bow of the boat port side port side port side windows cockpit port side of mainsail mainsail cable winch and sail tiller starboard rudder starboard rudder damage port rudder starboard aft storage port aft storage1 port aft storage2 compass on starboard side of cockpit looking up the starboard side from cockpit cockpit door compass on port side of cockpit end of boom cockpit door starboard side of mainsail starboard bow storage - no cover looking into the starboard bow storage area hatch on starboard side of cabin - no cover1 hatch on starboard side of cabin - no cover2 base of mast port bow storage looking into the port bow storage port side shroud attachment on cabin roof port side top of mast spreaders halfway up mast open cockpit door looking up and in at the cockpit door looking in from the cockpit door galley table port side, inside main area door looking down into the open port side inside main area door looking forward under the port side of the galley table looking forward under the starboard side of the galley table inside the port bow hull1 inside the port bow hull2 hard foam in the front of the port side bow hull looking across the galley toward the port hull looking forward inside the starboard front hull small storage area inside the front starboard hull berth in the front starboard hull - damaged cover over hard foam looking forward in the front starboard hull looking back into the starboard aft hull inside the starboard hull sink area in the starboard hull inside port cabin ceiling looking back toward the cockpit door in the main cabin area

Iroquois sailboat for sale located at Indian Harbour Marina - January 23, 2017

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