Images Rachael, Gianluca and Mateo at Slide Rock Arrival at Slide Rock - Gianluca, Rachael, Mateo and Christa Climbing up to our lunch resting spot Looking up the Slide Rock area Rachael helping Gianluca up to our lunch spot Gianluca, Mateo, Christa and Rachael at our lunch spot Lunch at Slide Rock Looking up the creek from our lunch spot Gianluca walking along the creek Gianluca Rod floating in the creek Mateo and Gianluca wading down the creek Rod and Gianluca waiting in line to jump into a deep pool Mateo, Gianluca, Rod and Rachael soaking their feet in the creek Gianluca and looking down the slide of Slide Rock Rachael, Gianluca, Mateo and Rod and looking down the creek area Christa and the panorama of Slide Rock Looking up Oak Creek at the start of the Slide Rock area Looking down the Slide Rock area From our lunch spot - looking up the creek Hiking back to the car parking spot
Videos Arriving at Slide Rock Looking up Slide Rock from our lunch spot while Mateo tries to get to the bathroom Christa, Mateo and Gianluca slide down Slide Rock Christa, Mateo and Gianluca slide down the lower part of Slide Rock Rod and Gianluca do cannonballs into a deep pool Rod and Gianluca and Mateo jump into a deep pool

Slide Rock at Sedona, AZ - July, 2016

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