Images Christa's birthday cake - Christa, Dad, Mom, Gianluca and Mateo Christa and her birthday canary Mateo and Rod making Cincinnati Chili for Mateo's dinner Gianluca and Mateo watching the snowfall Mateo's birthday Mateo blowing out his birthday candles in the morning Mateo blowing out candles at his birthday dinner party Mateo and Gianluca reeading Mateo's big book of jokes Mateo and a birthday present Mateo and his new survival knife and knight helmet Mateo's new knight helmet Rod, Mateo, Mom and Dad at Mateo's birthday dinner Mateo doing battle with his new shield, sword and helmet Gianluca's dinner of Jamacian patties
Videos Mateo singing the Star Spangled Banner The Come Back Kid - A Tribute to Olan Rogers by Gianluca Richards

January, 2016

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