Images Mateo and breakfast pancakes Rod frying bacon Rod, Mateo and his new Christmas deep fryer Mateo, Rod and the new Christmas deep fryer Boston boys around the Christmas tree Peter, Gianluca and John and Christmas socks Ben and his Christmas sock Ben and Chris Peter and the Rubic's cube Peter and the robot Rod showing Ben how to make a pizza Making pizza Ben's pizza Rod and Ben making pizza Rod and Gianluca making pizza John getting ready to make pizza Peter rolling out dough Mateo and cola Gianluca rolling out dough John is not so sure about his pizza Peter and his pizza Gianluca making a pesto pizza John and his smiley pineapple pizza Peter and pizza face John Ben and pizza smiley face Ben making his pizza pie Ben enjoying a piece of his pizza Peter starting out of the barn on the ATV Ben starting out of the barn on the ATV Peter and Ben on the ATVs in the lower field Peter on the ATV with mom and dad's log covered hill in the background Peter and Ben riding into the lower field Ben and Peter on an ATV Mateo and Peter working on the rocket Peter, Mateo, Chris and Ben at the counter Gianluca, Chris and Peter in the backseat Gianluca, Chris and Rod at the Bowman field rocket launching area Mateo and Peter setting up the rocket to launch Boys playing cards Jasmin and Ben in the basement Playing Foosball Jasmin on the scooter Jasmin and Mateo Jasmin and Mateo Elizabeth and Jasmin Peter, Jasmine, Gianluca and Chris playing Taboo Peter, Jasmine, Gianluca and Chris playing Taboo Playing Pirates Dice New Years Eve New Years Eve Boys playing cards
Videos Setting up a rocket paunch at Bowman field Chris does a one arm push up Gianluca does a one arm push up Firing the rocket at Bowman field

December, 2016

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