Images First day of hard work - Hauling down another load of logs:  Rod, Chris, Joe, Gianluca, Peter, Ben, Mateo and John Arriving at the first Log Pile Hot day, Hot Fire I'm hoping one of them will climb up there and get that down for me First rest break.....still fresh and smiley Don't you wish we were already done?? We're NOT! Heave Ho Boys! Kings of the Log Mountain King Rod Sweet Tooth Picky Tooth Junk Tooth Bacon Tooth I Eat It All Tooth Coco Tooth Fruity Tooth Christopher practicing for Quarterback Try-Outs DON'T let Grandma Richards see THAT!! John walking past a Tree Casualty SLOW DOWN when you pass Grandma Richards house! The Gazillionth Load Getting clearer all the time Finally got them all to sit down before they pass Grandma Richards house again! Ben and Mateo Joe and Peter Probably shouldn't make them start on this.... .....or this Eat your heart out GQ Magazine Kind hearted John The Joksters watching the He-Men Didn't look that heavy! This one DID look that heavy Ben and Mateo take a break to wash the ATV Gianluca and Chris cooling off in the pool.  Ben practicing to pass the swim test Pool Time More Pool Time Ben Passed the swim test!!!  Now to the diving boards! Our well refined lads Why I oughtta!!! Ben tries to down Mateo John tries to woo the life-guard during adult swim - Here lady, you dropped this She thinks I'm cute, she thinks I'm CUUUUUUUTE!!! Joe trying to lift Gianluca steady.....STEADY! Ale'!!! Christopher gives it a try Whoa! See, told ya' I could do it Yeah, I play football ya' know Whoo-hooooot! HIKE! Flag on the play! More Flags! Starting a game of Pirates' Dice Christopher and Peter playing Biliardino (foosball) Ben beats John at Air-Hockey My walk to check out the upper woods..... Not as bad as I thought it would be The teepee at the left was already ripped up when Rod got it caught in the mower Still doable Yeah, we can handle that Yay!  St. Therese!  Invincible! Now for the lower woods.  So far as bad as I expected Um...a little gettin' crazier Oh No! Not a SYCAMORE!!! Boo-Hoo The path is impassible Snapped like a twig Now that is just insanity toppled on top of downright mindboggling The boys just found out they don't have to clean up the lower woods! Beginning our Hike to the River The path has been overgrown since last year Ben bests a tree Just about there Ben is first to the rope Joe splashes in Boy Howdy, this is COOOOLD! Gianluca Mommy, you gotta spider on you!!! Peter grabs the rope Swinging Joe! A clean entrance Peter and Gianluca Ben's turn again K-sploosh! The beautiful Little Miami River I'm good.....I'm gooood Me too! Jungle Joe Jumps again The swing And the punch Ben swings out on the rope Peter Splashing into the river Did I get you? I play football ya' know! Nothing like cold water to make you suck in your gut! Handsome Benedict the fisherman Joe is tired of hauling wood, time to haul some..... Peter and John float down the river It's finally Mateo's turn! Joe and Gianluca Mateo pulling in the rope Fun fun Mateo Gianluca making some kind of wild call to John John responds to the call Mr. Richards brings out the fishing pistol cross-bow.....I had nothing to do with it Ben pulls out his long dart Ben takes aim again Mateo tries to load the cross-bow Mateo takes aim Peter, sooo mechanically inclined, works on a Rocket Mateo and Peter with the Rocket - can't wait to blast it off Rod, Tim, Jeff and Becka ready to help clear trees Dad, on his 90th birthday - riding down to see the work being done Becka, Rod and Jeff getting to work Doesn't the 4th of July parade start at 10:30am? NOPE! Parade starts at 12 noon.  Back to work, fools! Cutting and hauling - Hauling and cutting Ain't it time for the parade YET???! Back down to Main St. for the Parade Parade is starting! Some Dog Guys dressed up Some Gal The BAND The BAND Director The BAND Truck YAY! Vets CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR - don't know enough about em' The Rival Swim Team!! Renaissance People Dogs on Hogs Dogs on Hogs Indian People CARS CAR CAR FOOTBALL Players The whole line-up YAY! Great Parade - Boo, back to work! Our Patriotic Lads Peter and his Rocket More Pirate's Dice The Final Load of logs from the boys.  Rod is setting them free Jeremy and Tim unwrap goodies Pirate's Dice is the choice game Angie Schrand and Mom - Mom turns 90 in a couple weeks Dad on his 90th birthday Jasmine tries her hand at Biliardino Rod's mortar launcher Exploding Tanks! Ben tries Elizabeth's Hover Board -- Man, Gianluca never even noticed my new hair-do -- The crowd is growing Dad can't hear the noise but he can smell the smoke! Wonderful Peter! Weirdo Mrs. Richards Bodacious Bud! Raging Rod the Barbeque King Peter tries out Elizabeth's Hover Board Guacamole Girl Christopher tries out Elizabeth's Hover Board Dad's 90th Birthday Cake - Vicki serving Everyone having - Cake by the Fireworks - Ay yai yai yai yai yai Getting louder - but gee kid, you ain't heard nothing yet! Blasting Buddies with their official shirts:  Gianluca, Jeff, Tory, Mateo, Wesley, Tim, Jeremy and Rod It ain't no Richards' 4th if there ain't no DANGER! Donald Earl Richards - July 2, 2016 - 90 years old Mateo Bonaventure Richards - 8 years old Mom and Dad Angie Schrand is about to choose Poison for the game of Infection I'm the Poison!!! The Game is Afoot! Serious Elizabeth and Jasmine Regular good ol' Elizabeth and Jasmine Can we start yet???  When will it finally get dark? Angie, Sleeping Monica and Elizabeth Nick and Taylin Blow Torch is ON, things are gonna get heated! Tim has finally met his pyrotechnic match in Jeremy But I fear Mateo will exponentially top them all See! La Bella Clarita! My lousy After Pictures!  Don't worry, I took others the next morning. Lousy After Picture 2 Lousy After Picture 3 Ben, Peter, John, Joe and Christoper and some weirdo crazy lookin' lady The Blaszaks drove so far to come see us.  Clarita, Anthony, Rosarita, Lucy and Mary The rainy morning after The Mortar Blaster Mateo reliving fond memories Mateo found one more! What a party, what a week! BEFORE the Boys came AFTER!!! BEFORE!!! AFTER!! BEFORE!! AFTER!! BEFORE!! AFTER!!! BEFORE!!! AFTER!! BEFORE!!! AFTER!!!  - THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!
Videos Blaszak, Pfeiffer, Richards boys at the Lebanon YMCA pool Blaszak, Pfeiffer, Richards boys playing foosball in the basement

Blaszak and Pfeiffer boys - tornado cleanup - June 28 - July 02, 2016

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