Images The Thanksgiving table Jeff, Mateo, Vicki and Rod in the Thanksgiving food line Jeremy Tim setting up his pillow at the target range The target range at The Shack - Mark Jasmine and Mateo at The Shack Gianluca, Jasmine and Mateo Jeff getting the guns ready at The Shack The target range set up Mateo shooting a pistol Rod and Mateo - Jeff and Eric shooting Mark shooting Vicki and the target range Rod helping Mateo with a 22 rifle Jeff, Eric, Mark and Gianluca shooting Shooters Mateo shooting Mateo and Rod loading clips for the pistol Jordan with her thigh pistol holster Jeff helping Christa shoot Christa shooting Gianluca, Christa and Vicki with the pizza pans Julie and Mark Jasmine and Mateo Eric, Tim and Jasmine Pizza fixings More pizza fixings Mom and Dad with pizza's made on the table Pizzas on the table Mateo with the pizzas Mateo and Stan with the pizzas Mark making pizzas in the oven Mom eating pizza with her new best friend The Thanksgiving turkey The Thanksgiving group
Videos Mateo shooting at The Shack video Gianluca shooting at The Shack video The pillow is dead video Blowing stuff up at The Shack video

Thanksgiving, 2015

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