Images Mateo and Gianluca with Legos Making Pizza with Mom and Dad Christa in Minecraft head with Mom and Dad Rod helping Gianluca with homework Gianluca and Mateo in Royalmont uniforms Mateo doing homework Rod and Mateo with his birthday cake Rod and Mateo opening birthday cards Becka and Jeff and a happy Mateo on his birthday Christa giving Mateo his birthday cake Mateo opening birthday presents with Vicki and Tim Gianluca, Mateo, Christa and Tim - opening presents Gianluca, Mateo and Christa - opening presents Mateo with the cannon shooter he made
Videos New Years Eve at Vicki and Tims House video Gianluca and Mateo - Legos video Snow sledding down Mom and Dad's front hill video Mateo blowing out his birthday cake candles video Making pizza with Mom and Dad video Mateo removing tiles from the kitchen floor video

January, 2015