Images Start of the canoe trip Matt, Gianluca and Christa getting in their boats at the put-in spot Sean, Tim, Sam and Mary getting their boat ready Getting the boats ready to start down the river Christa in her new kayak Matt kayaking down the river Mary, Sean, Sam, Tim, Christa and Matt in their boats Christa and Catherine in their kayaks The lunch stop - Sam, Tim, Mark and John Kyong relaxing in the kayak Lunch stop on the river Lunch stop on the river Charlie at the lunch stop Tim, John, Tony and Angie - getting ready to leave the lunch area Matt, Mark and Mateo Nick in his kayak Tim, Sean, Sam and Mary getting back in the canoe after lunch Getting everyone back in the canoes after lunch Bill, Kyong, John and Teresa in their canoe John, Tim, Tony and Angie starting back down the river Sean, Mateo, Sam and John at the parking lot take-out spot Sean, Mateo, Sam and John at the parking lot take-out spot Teresa and Charlie at the take-out spot
Videos Little Miami River canoeing lunch stop video Little Miami River floating down the rapids video Little Miami River jumping off the barrels video Little Miami River canoeing a small rapid video

Little Miami River canoe trip - August 30, 2015

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