Images Mateo baseball - catching a baseball Mateo on first base Mateo throwing a baseball Mateo throwing a baseball Mateo on 3rd base Rod coaching Mateo on 3rd base Mateo with his batting helmet in line for bat Mateo batting Mateo and Rod watchiing the game in the dugout Mateo and Rod after the game Mateo playing with his army men Mateo playing with his army men Must be Rod's birthday Rod blowing out his candles Mom and Dad on their 68th wedding anniversary Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary - trying to blow out trick candles Welcome home Gianluca from his big trip New computer desk and new terminal Boys jumping in the lake on Gianluca's trip Boys on the beach - the group on the trip - Gianluca 3rd from right The boys and Father Hewko
Videos Mateo baseball - running 2nd to 3rd base video Mateo baseball - running 3rd base to home video Mateo baseball - hit and run to first base video Mateo baseball - run to 2nd base video Mateo goof dancing in the new computer room video

August, 2015

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