Images Mateo and Gianluca waiting on the sleep-over guests Michael, Scott, Nate, Will, Gianluca and Jacob with nerf guns in the basement Michael in his samurai, nerf gun warrior rice paddy farmer costume Buds - Nate, Michael, Mateo, Jacob, Gianluca, Scott and Will Buds will be boys Running down the driveway to the start of the Easter egg hunt Starting line of the Easter egg hunt on the covered bridge Start of the Easter egg hunt Start of the Easter egg hunt Nate finds an egg Nate and Michael looking for eggs Jacob looking for eggs Will looking for eggs Gianluca looking for eggs Scott in the background, Jacob and Gianluca finding eggs Nate and Michael looking for eggs St. Theresa, our lady of the woods In the kitchen checking out the Easter egg booty Jacob, Scott and Michael opening up eggs Nate, Gianluca and Will opening up eggs The group with their eggs Scott with his eggs Scott, Michael, Nate and Gianluca with their eggs Will, Mateo and Jacob with their eggs The group with their Easter egg candy Michael at the top of the zipline Michael on the zipline Nate at the top of the zipline Nate getting ready to hop on the zipline Will helping Nate go faster on the zipline Walking up the driveway Pizza party Will wolfing pizza Jacob just eating pizza Michael munching pizza Mateo mouthing pizza Gianluca gobbling pizza Scott scarfing pizza Nate nibbling pizza Hauling up buckets to the treehouse Michael tosses up the ball to the treehouse Getting ready for a walk down to the gas station Flashlights ready for the treasure hunt at night Ready for the treasure hunt Finding and reading one of the clues during the treasure hunt End of the treasure hunt - the water guns have been discovered Michael blasts Jacob with his water gun Filling up the water guns from the hose and water buckets Everyone squirting Nate Gathering around the water bucket Will and Nate drenched Will sticking his head in the bucket of cold water Will celebrating his head water bucket challenge Nate doing the head water bucket challenge Will and Gianluca cannot believe the Natester head bucket challenge Mateo, Michael, Gianluca and Scott getting wet Nate flinging the water from his head bucket challenge Chaos erupts as wetness reins supreme Nate tries to get his whole body into the bucket of cold water Gianluca and Nate empty the bucket of water on someone Everyone is looking pretty wet Nate and Will after emptying the bucket of water on Gianluca Everyone needs a bucket of water on their heads On yeah!  That was great!  We need more water! Gianluca flinging water - Will with the hose just in case everyone is not wet enough A bucket of water over Jacob Mateo drying off with a towell by the fire Scott - does he have anything on underneath that towell? Nate drying off by the fire Michael whispering sweet nothings into fatima Jacobs ear Michael has suffered one too many water bucket brain freezes Will is such a shy little thing Gianluca ready for another round Everyone warming up around the fire Mateo tucked in and ready for the movie night Scott - it doesn't get any better than this Gianluca ready for movies Will - dry, warm, can of soda and a good movie Michael - snacks and a movie Jacob - ready to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Everyone in their sleeping bags for the movie Comfy, cozy movie night The next morning Will inhaling bacon One eyed Nate at breakfast Michael, bacon and hashbrowns Gianluca - bacon doesn't stand a chance Mateo with his hashbrown and bacon sandwich Scott can't figure out how to get such a long piece of bacon into his mouth Everyone at breakfast Scott eating an apple with no hands - Scott, not the apple On the catwalk - walk like an egyptian What should you do on a catwalk anyway?
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Royalmont Boys Sleepover - April 09, 2015