The Roalef Adventurers at the Caesar's Creek Visitor Center Luke Yang, Mateo Richards, Daniel Hull, James Hines, Joseph Federle, Dillon Pitstick, Drew Ford, Scott Hahn, Thomas Wurzbacher, Gianluca Richards, Colin Klimo, Leo Hull, Colin Blore, Jacob Collins, Ryan vonErden, Bryan Komarek, Grant Kazmierski The first mishap - Bryan got his glasses stepped on at the lake overlook Hiking across the savana close to the start of the hike First in the water - Colin Everybody in! Cliff climbers - Dillon, Grant and Colin Bryan Picking up the gotchies Let the games begin The group at the falls Getting braver in the water Exploring the area Daring each other to duck under the falls Dare accepted Whoa - that is some cold water! Daniel, Grant and Bryan Still recovering from the dunking Jacob dunks under Daniel and Drew are thinking about dunking under too Leo dunks under That water is still cold Jacob gets ready to dunk Jacob dunking Jacob soaked Daniel in the falls Checking out the cliffs downstream The tall fossil cliffs Horseshoe Falls and the cliffs downstream Drew gets in and Leo enjoys it Mr. Richards finds a snake under the rock The snake Mr. Richards finds a frog for Scott Leo pumps rock JACOB FINDS A TURTLE Joseph finds some gross grubby thing under a rock - he named it Clark Mr. Richards finds a salamander Leo under the falls Leo and Ryan Mr. Richards finds a crawdad Scott holding the crawdad - Bryan is in disbelief - Dillon wants it in his bag Hiking back - the shortway up the steep hill - James cheerleads Scrambling up the steep hill Scott and Gianluca on the hike back Bryan, James, Ryan and Mateo on the hike back Bryan, Ryan and Joseph chowing down Luke and James Colin chugs his juice,  Dillon stuffs his hotdog and Grant nibbles a chip James with his cookie smile Thomas and Bryan Colin enjoys his lunch The lunch table Mateo admires Leo devour his hotdog Scott gets artistic with his lunch Kickball Kicking the ball Colin on the swing Grant on the swing Joseph on the swing Thomas on the swing

June Roalef Trip, 2014