Angie with her fishing line caught in a tree - Millie, Gianluca and Christa Starting the charcoal grill Christa, Mateo and Angie Rod catching the first fish Hauling the fish up to the net Rod and his fish - a Drum fish I think Official picture of a Drum fish Rod catches another - a Sucker fish Official picture of a White Sucker fish Christa unraveling rope - Mary and Millie Tim fixing up fishing poles Fishing for something Gianluca reeling in his huge catfish - that got away Mark and his bullfrog - how did he catch that? Mateo fishing Nicholas fishing in style Mateo and Tony making their new invention What kind of fish is that anyway? Whatever it is, it has teeth A Walleye I think Official picture of a Walleye fish

Fishing off old bridge in former New Burlington, June 28, 2014