Wading in the Little Miami River - Christa, John, Therese and Catherine Nick with his Wrist Rocket Therese, Christa and Catherine wading up the rapids Therese - Christa helping Catherine across the rapids Building rock houses, John, Gianluca, Mateo, Mary and Therese Catherine and Christa skipping stones Catherine and Christa skipping stones Building rock houses, Gianluca, Therese, John, Mateo and John The shore group Everyone at the river Mateo, Therese, John and Gianluca Nick celebrating his sling shot James Joseph, Hillary, Matt and Bill on shore Keyong skipping stones Catherine wading the rapids Catherine, Gianluca, John and Mateo building rock houses Shore group Catherine giving Therese a piggy-back ride Building rock houses Keyong skipping stones Therese skipping stones The group Christa, Therese and Catherine Gianluca surveying the rock houses - Mark in background Catherine and Therese wading in the rapids John, Gianluca and Mark with the stilt house Mary helping Lucia - Mark wading Mary helping Lucia Mary, Lucia, Gianluca and John Everyone building rock houses Everyone building rock houses - Mark is puzzled Catherine helping Charlie Keyong, Lucia, Hillary, Mary and Mateo Catherine has a question Building rock houses Catherine giving Therese a ride Catherine giving Therese a ride - will they make it? Catherine and Therese taking the slip and dunk Catherine and Therese soaking wet Catherine and Therese soaking wet Catherine and Therese soaking wet Christa giving Catherine and Therese a hand Christa, Catherine and Therese enjoying the moment Mark with a crawdad Gianluca, John, John and Charlie wading in the shallows Charlie and Mark wading Gianluca, John, Charlie and Rod Gianluca and John with the tower house Charlie shows Rod his river shell Everyone looking at the toad house Mark with the toad Looking back from the bike trail at the day's rock houses in the river

Little Miami River Church Trip - August 17, 2014