Gianluca and Mateo waiting for the sleepover boys to arrive Jacob tries the zipline while Michael watches Nate pulling up the bucket in the treehouse Michael watching  Dante going up the ladder to the zipline Michael watching Dante slide the zipline Posing for Mom - Mateo, Gianluca, JP, Nate, Jacob, Michael and Dante Start of the Easter egg hunt Starting line for the hunt - JP, Gianluca, Dante, Jacob, Nate, Michael and Will The Easter egg hunt is on! Mateo arrives late for the hunt Looking for eggs Dante, Nate and Jacob finding eggs Will and St. Therese JP with his loot - and Mateo Mateo in his hideout Easter egg candy - Gianluca, Dante, JP, Nate, Jacob, Michael, Mateo and Will Dante poking the fire Mateo eating his pizza Michael Nate Gianluca Dante Will Jacob JP All the pizza eaters Around the campfire Nate and Michael having a sword fight Nate, Gianluca and Michael sword fighting Mateo and his burning log Starting the treasure hunt The treasure hunt The treasure hunt Suzuki ride in the treasure hunt Suzuki ride into the dark and spooky woods The treasure has been found Michael starts the water gun fight Double fisted water pistol Mateo Michael and Will on the stairs - Mateo and Dante in the face-off Water gun fight The final ambush The morning after the sleepover Will and his bacon Nate, JP, Dante and Jacob Mateo

Boys Sleep Over - April 24, 2014