Mateo and his class on a school class trip to Sunrock Farm - Luke Young, Hampton Hines, Levi Hanavan, Joe Brown, Carolyn Federle, Marin Weber, Bella Mays, Lauren Hauser, Jeshwin Mario, Paul Sharpshair, Griffin Weber, Noah Westermann, David Pitstick, Danny Hull, Drew Pitstick, Mateo Mateo on the class trip Mateo and his class on a school class trip to Sunrock Farm Mateo - the old Amish farmer Mateo with a chicken on his head Farmer Mateo pets the cow Mateo in a teepee with his indian drum Mateo learning how to use a shave horse to shave wood A raccoon in our front porch woodbox early in the morning Mateo painting his tank from the Sauerkraut Festival Mateo and Gianluca on the computers Christa getting ready to make apple pies for Thanksgiving Mateo peeling apples for the apple pies Gianluca, Rod and Mateo on Mateo's bed looking at Pokemon cards Thanksgiving at Stans Stan, Rod, Mateo and Jeff at Thanksgiving Thanksgiving - Eric, Kim, Mark, Gianluca, Matt, Emily, Rod, Christa, Jasmine, Jeff, Eric, Rachel, Eric, Mateo, Mom, Dad, Stan, Katie, Vicki and Tim Jasmine, Gianluca and Mateo on the day after Thanksgiving trip to Amish country

November, 2013