Mateo, Gianluca and Rod digging a hole for the new Cherry tree Rod, Mateo and Gianluca with the new Cherry tree planted The Schrams visiting Gianluca and Mateo - with my setup for testing the plumbing drain lines and stacks Gianluca with his bug cage Mateo and Gianluca with the bug cage Rod rototilling the new garden1 Rod rototilling the new garden2 Rod rototilling the new garden3 Christa and Rod planting the new garden Mateo in the garage Christa planting the new garden Rod throwing stones out of the new garden Gianluca with his box-man outfit for school Day with the Schrams at their land in Indiana Mateo and Rod at the Schrams Mateo, Rod and Tim at the Schrams Rod, Tony, Angie and Tim Going on a hiking adventure with the Schrams Tony exploring the uprooted root cave Hmmmh geofph aargle this way Dogs on the grill Chowing down at the picnic Setting up the fishing poles Rod and Mateo getting his fishing pole ready Tim getting fishing poles ready The fishermen - John, Gianluca, Mark, Tony and Nicholas Mateo fishing Rod with the first catch of the day Nicholas with his fish Rod found a salamander The salamander Everybody wants to find a salamander Angie and Tony After fishing fire playing Gianluca with a tree frog from a tree I just cut down The tree frog - note the suction cup fingers This tree frog was camouflaged amazingly well to the tree bark it was on Mateo with his pirate battle ship1 Mateo with his pirate battle ship2

May, 2013