Mateo and Gianluca on the red balance beam in the driveway Loser of the balance beam will be in the mud puddle Gianluca, Juliette (Camille's baby) and Mateo Mateo and Gianluca making bacon Gianluca and Mateo making arts and crafts Mateo learns how to ride a bicycle Mateo learns how to ride a bicycle2 Gianluca on the small bicycle Mateo, Grandpa and Gianluca resting on the back of the pickup Rod with the piano brought back from Phoenix in the back of the truck Gianluca and Mateo with their boats in the play pool on the patio Gianluca and Mateo making balloons in the play pool Christa cleaning off the piano before moving it from the truck into the house Christa playing the piano in the truck - still perfectly in tune Picking cherries in Chamberlain's lower field Mom, Rod, Gianluca and Dad picking cherries Gianluca with a bucket of cherries Mateo with his slingshot from New Mexico All of us with our buckets of cherries Mateo and Gianluca on the pickup ride home after cherry picking Mateo and Gianluca - Moo Who? The old piano to sell

June, 2013