Gianlua and Mateo getting ready to make cookies Chef Mateo They really wanted to use this flour sifter Mateo running through the sprinklers Gianluca running through the sprinklers Gianluca and Mateo checking out the sprinkler Sprinkler craze Dad's 87th birthday with their new bench seat Mom and Dad on Dad's birthday Mateo and Gianluca with sparklers at our house Uncle Jeffs for fireworks - Matt, Mateo, Gianluca, Emily and Tim Tim showing Gianluca how to light off a big circle of firecrackers Gianluca lighting off another firecracker Tim and Mateo Gianluca lighting off a firecracker Gianluca lighting off a firecracker Mateo with no worries Mateo holding his ears Mateo with a sparkler Gianluca and the smoke bomb Gianluca and the smoke bomb Gianluca with sparkler, Christa and Rebecca(and Gus) Christa, Rebecca(with Gus) and Mateo with sparkler Jeff and Mateo with sparkler Mateo playing with smoke bombs Tim and the big smoke bomb Tim showing Dad the big smoke bomb Gianluca, Tim and the big smoke bomb Mateo and Dad in Jeff's man cave In Jeff's man cave Rainy eve outside - in Jeff's man cave Mateo at the bar serving Rebecca Jeff with Mateo tending bar Mateo at the bar serving Jeff The fireworks guys setting up their table of fireworks - Tim, Jeff and Malcolm Start of the fireworks Men and their fireworks Oooooh, Ahhhhhhh - Emily and Matt The crowd watching fireworks Jeff, Malcolm and Tim - setting off fireworks Rod, Mateo and Gianluca - fishing at the Youth Pond Mateo at the Youth Pond Rod, the professional worm-putter-on-the-hooker Mateo the mighty fisherman Rod fishing for bluegills Gianluca reading Mateo a book Gianluca in the minnow kayak Christa and Mateo in our canoe on the Little Miami river Gianluca kayaking by the barrells with someone about to jump off The old standby rope swing Sycamore tree has finally fallen over Gianlua with the fallen rope swing Sycamore tree in the background The family at Mom's 87th birthday Mateo, Gianluca, Christa, Vicki, Rebecca, Mom, Jeff and Dad - Mom's birthday Everyone in the dining room for Mom's birthday Gianluca lighting Mom's birthday cake candles Christa, Vicki, Dad, Mateo, Gianluca and Mom - birthday Blowing the horns Dad, Gianluca and Mom - make a wish Mateo with his birthday horn Mateo with his Angry Face costume

July, 2013