Gianluca and Rod at the start of the canoe trip - Clint Fultz Memorial park, Corwin, Ohio Gianluca, Rod, Kurt, Rachel and Mateo - start of the trip Mateo, Christa, Gianluca and Rod - start of canoe trip Gianluca with kayak, the Polters pushing off their canoe The Polters launching their canoe The Polters launched - Rachel, Gavin, Ella and Kurt - Gianluca on the bank with his kayak The Polters in their canoe - Kurt, Gavin, Ella and Rachel Kurt, Gavin, Ella and Rachel in the canoe The Polters in their canoe in front - Christa and Mateo in our canoe Gianluca in the kayak Canoeing past the covered bridge - Gianluca and the Polters Picnic along the Little Miami river - Ella, Rachel and Gavin A deer at our river picnic stop We caught this snake - a Northern Water snake The snake trying to get through the net Ella with her grasshopper

Canoeing with the Polters, Little Miami river, August, 2013