Thanksgiving women, Betty, Debbie, Mom, Katie, Becka, Julie, Sydney, Kim The whole Thanksgiving group, t-shirts by the Huber's Digistitch Embroidery Mateo and the Thanksgiving kitchen groupies Triple trouble sisters - Jordan, Mckenzie, Jessica Jeff and Becka Stan in the Thanksgiving kitchen Dad in the Thanksgiving kitchen Jeff holding court The Thanksgiving food line-up The Thanksgiving food line-up Christa and Mateo in the Thanksgiving food line-up Tim, Mateo, Mark, Eric, Jeff, playing table games Emily, Kim and Vicki laughing at the table games Tim explaining the rules of the game to Mateo Gianluca, Tim and Mateo playing the game Debbie, Gianluca, Tim, Mateo - table games Gianluca giving clues Making pizza dough - Gianluca caught by surprise Making pizza dough, Gianluca, Christa, Mateo, Nathan, Kim Dough sticking to the fingers Making dough, Mateo, Nathan, Kim, Gianluca, Christa Mateo, in his new cap, making his pizza Pizza makers, Eric, Katie, Kim, Vicki, Nathan, Christa, Tim Pizza makers Pizza makers, Christa and her pizza Emily and her pizza Making pizza - Tim, Dad, Becka, Eric, Katie, Emily Making pizza Dad making his pizza Mother and children, Jagger, Rachel and Jade Rod making pizza

Thanksgiving, 2012

Tim explaining the rules of the game to Mateo