Kids in the raft at Morgans Canoe Livery - Gavin, Gianluca, Tyler and Mateo Tyler ready to paddle Tyler and Gavin with paddles and ready to go Rachel, Kurt, Ella and Gavin at the start Tyler, Rob and Bekah at the start Christa, Bekah and Rachel - runway canoe models Christa, Bekah, Rachel, Ella, Gavin and Rob at the start Gianluca, Christa, Mateo and Rod at the start Off they go down the river Bekah, Tyler the fisherman and Rob paddling down the river Kurt, Ella and Gavin (the Ohio State fans) and Rachel floating downstream Christa, Mateo and Gianluca in their boats Rod taking pictures and Christa working the kayak Bekah, Tyler, Rob and Christa in their boats Bekah, Tyler, Rob and Christa floating along Rachel, Ella and Kurt the turtle netter(not) on the prowl for turtles Rob and Tyler in the canoe Mateo and Gianluca in the canoe Gavin, Rachel and Ella at a camping spot we found along the river Gavin and Tyler fishing from the bank All getting back in the canoe after a short explore at the camping spot Ella and Rachel - old railroad bridge tunnel at the lunch spot Lunch on the gravel bar - Bekah, Tyler, Gianluca, Gavin, Ella, Rachel and Kurt Tyler and Mateo netting for leaves Tyler and Mateo - there must be better leaves out deeper Rob, Rod and Kurt surveying the scene Mateo with his Subway sandwich Christa and Mateo with their lunch Gianluca, Christa, Mateo and Honey Badger at the lunch stop Tyler trying out the kayak Gavin with his seat on the bow of the canoe Christa showing Gianluca the way of the kayak Gianluca decides that this kayak thing is not too bad The group heading downstream Gianluca shooting a rapid in his kayak Gianluca turning on the speed to pass the photographer in his kayak The group at the canoe take-out spot Gavin riding the log Mateo and Tyler on the log Gavin, Tyler and Gianluca in the backseat of Morgan's pickup van Gavin, Tyler and Gianluca giving their best smiles for the camera The end - Rob, Bekah, Rod, Christa, Tyler, Gianluca, Mateo, Kurt, Rachel and Gavin

Canoe trip, September, 2012