Waiting in line for the early morning ferry from Marblehead to Kelleys Island, lake Erie Gianluca, Mateo and Christa in the car waiting for the ferry Our ferry to Kelleys Island, the Shirley Irene Mateo, Christa and Gianluca next to our car on the ferry to Kelleys Island Mateo, Christa and Gianluca on top of the ferry deck Downtown on Kelleys Island as seen from the ferry A couple of houses on Kelleys Island Coming into our ferry unloading dock at Kelleys Island Glacial Groves, left by the glacier, on Kelleys Island Waiting for the lady to come and open the bait shop for us The small docks next to the bait shop Gianluca, Mateo and Rod at our first fishing spot at the north breakwater by the beach Gianluca and Mateo fishing Rod and Mateo enjoying lunch on the rocks Gianluca taking a nap on the rocks Mateo, the Rock Marmot Mateo and Gianluca on the rocks Mateo and Christa at our 2nd fishing area in Lake Erie Gianluca sitting on the rocks overlooking the lake Mateo fishing among the rocks Rod and Mateo with Mateo's fish A Round Goby on the line Mateo's fish, a Round Goby Mateo ready to cast his fishing pole again Mateo enjoying the moment on the rocks Gianluca and Mateo at the playground at Kelleys Island State Park Gianluca, Christa and Mateo at East Quarry, Horseshoe lake, Kelleys Island Gianluca and Mateo next to East Quarry, Horseshoe lake, Kelleys Island Mateo, Christa and Gianluca on a small bench seat at a Horseshoe lake hiking trail Christa and car waiting in line for the ferry to Put-In-Bay, South Bass Island Passing a ferry coming back from Put-In-Bay with a Detroit power plant in the background Perry's Monument on Put-In-Bay (South Bass) Island Passing a couple of houses on South Bass Island Coming into the ferry docks on South Bass Island Mateo, Gianluca and Christa going up the steps into Perry's Monument From the top of Perry's Monument looking out toward East Point From the top of Perry's Monument looking down at Put-In-Bay harbor The playground in the town of Put-In-Bay Perry's Monument in the background The ferry coming in to take us back to Port Clinton, mainland Ohio The crowd on the Put-In-Bay ferry

Kelleys Island trip, October, 2012