Mateo and Tyler in the Muir Valley parking lot before the hike down Tyler and Mateo goofing off on the hike down Christa harnessing and roping up Tyler for his climb Tyler and Rob at the start of Tyler's climb Christa belaying Bekah on a climb Still smiling, Becka works the moves on the climb Looking down at the group at the base of the Land Before Time Wall Land Before Time Wall, Rod, Gianluca, Christa, Mateo, Tyler, Bekah and Rob Christa Christa and Rod at the base of the climb Christa most of the way to the top of the climb Christa up and over the sandy ledge at the top Mateo and Tyler snoozing against a tree Bekah can't believe what she is seeing Gianluca, Mateo and Tyler enjoying the autumn leaves Rob belaying Tyler at Land Before Time Wall Mateo and his Cheese-Its Gianluca starting a climb at Land Before Time Wall Gianluca part way up the climb Rob starting a climb Gianluca trying to figure out the next smooth walled section Gianluca almost at the top Rod hooking up Mateo to the rope Mateo on his climb Rod almost at the top of Coprolite, Land Before Time Wall Bekah enjoying the scenery Gianluca, Practice Wall Rob belaying Tyler, Practice Wall Tyler at the top of the climb Bekah climbing at Practice Wall Bekah making a high step and reach Bekah at the top Rod belaying Christa at the start Christa most of the way up Christa at the top Christa trying the crack next to the previous climb Rod leading the last climb of the day

Climbing with the Yoxthimers, Red River Gorge, November, 2012