Christa and Gianluca canoeing down the Little Miami The rope swing on the Little Miami Uncle Ray's visit - playing Uno Mateo celebrating the bonfire Sir Knight Mateo with his Firefly container On the bridge at Caesers Creek gorge with Uncle Ray Doing the gorge hike with Uncle Ray Hunting for salamanders with Uncle Ray Rod has caught a salamander Gianluca is excited to hold the salamander Gianluca holding the salamander Gianluca and Mateo at the river with Mateo's goggles Mateo and Gianluca with the water slide cushions Gianluca launching on the slip and slide Mateo launching on the slip and slide Rachael's new ear rings Gianluca with his plastic bottle boat Gianluca, Rod and Mateo at the river with Mateo's boat Rachael looking for a tree to carve Gianluca pulling his boat up the river Mateo pulling his boat up the river Rachael and her tree carving Playing Uno, Mom, Dad, Gianluca, Rod, Mateo and Rachael Bonfire and the treehouse - Rod, Mateo, Rachael and Gianluca Gianluca and his sparkler Gianluca roasting his marshmallow behind the stump Christa and Mateo with his sparkler Rachael, Mateo and Gianluca roasting marshmallows Mateo, Christa, Gianluca and Rachael at the bonfire Sir Knight Mateo and Christa at the bonfire Gianluca roasting marshmallows and Rachael texting Rachael roasting marshmallows behind the stump With our nets at the river - Mateo, Gianluca and Christa Gianluca and Mateo with their nets in Caesers Creek Christa holds a crawdad Christa looking at Mateo's treasures in his net A crawdad trying to escape Mateo's net Gianluca found a clam Our picnic site at the river Looking upstream at our picnic site Christa and Gianluca fording the river Mateo and Christa fording the river Gianluca wading upstream to the rope swing Christa and Gianluca watching someone on the rope swing Rod swinging on the rope swing Rod swinging on the rope swing2 The crew cutting a down tree at Mom and Dad's - Rod, Dad, Mateo, Tim, Gianluca and Jeff Jeff showing Gianluca how to use his small chain saw Jeff, Mateo and Gianluca all chain sawing Mateo and his chain saw The group clearing up the lower field

June, 2012