Mateo and Gianluca at the condo - in heaven with the TV remote Mateo, Christa and Gianluca in front of our condo building Christa, mateo and Gianluca on the beach in front of our condo Christa trying out the ocean Mateo... well I don't know what he is doing Gianluca and the sand town he has built Gianluca Mateo Mateo Rod Gianluca and Mateo with the beach line Christa and hat in the water Mateo and Gianluca on the beach Mateo with his goggles Gianluca with his sand fort Rod relaxing in the beach chair Christa, Gianluca and Mateo on the pier at Pier Park Mateo, Gianluca and Christa - looking out the pier From the pier, looking down the coastline Rod on the pier Rod, Gianluca and Mateo on the pier Rod next to a couple of fish on the pier Rod and all the Pier Park fishermen Rod and Mateo with a big fish on the pier This guy caught a seagull with his fishing line Mateo and Gianluca next to the seagull fisherman Looking down the beach from our condo at dusk Rod on the condo veranda Christa taking her morning jog on the beach Christa all alone on her beach jog Gianluca and Mateo enjoying cable TV in the condo Rod on his morning beach jog Mateo with the skip ball we skipped off the waves Mateo on the beach Rod in the beach chair Mateo Mateo Rod and Mateo in the hot tub The condo swimming pool Gianluca with the boogie board, and Mateo Mateo and Gianluca digging in the beach sand Looking down the shoreline as a storm moves in Mateo with his hat that says - I put the P in pools Mateo and Gianluca going to sleep at night Gianluca going to sleep at night Mateo already asleep at night

August Summer Vacation - Panama City Beach, Florida, 2012