Blog Digging to find an entryway, Rod Richards, Joel Aschendorf, Jeff Richards, Jim Prickett, Gianluca Richards, Mateo Richards Digging to find the entryway2, Jeff, Rod, Jim, Joel, Gianluca Joel and Jim trying to pry up some concrete Group effort to remove some concrete Removing more chunks of concrete The capstone revealed Joel and his pickaxe removing more concrete on top of the capstone Jeff, Rod and Joel pivoting the capstone onto its side The capstone up and the tunnel revealed Joel, Jim, Rod, Gianluca and Jeff with all our gear outside the tunnel entrance Gianluca in the tunnel entrance Rod and Mateo in the tunnel entrance We think that the tunnel runs up this way toward Main St. 1up-Looking up the tunnel as it curves out of sight 2up-Around the curve and looking up a straighter section 3up-A yard stick for reference 4up-Gianluca in the tunnel 5up-Looks like a roof cave-in up ahead 6up-A roof cave-in.  Should we continue on? 7up-55' uphill, Gianluca crawling under the caved-in part 8up-Past the cave-in.  Curving up and to the right. 9up-Curving up and to the right 10up-Another straightaway 11up-A pool of water and then curving up toward the left 12up-Steps continuing up and toward the left 13up-Continuing on a straighter section 14up-Continuing up and toward the right 15up-Steps leading up into a small chamber 16up-Top of the steps and looking up into a brick lined arched ceiling chamber 17up-Small culvert from the left and a large log used to brace the floor of the brick ceiling chamber 18up-The large log used to brace the floor at the entrance to the brick arched room 19up-181' uphill, Gianluca entering the brick lined arched ceiling chamber 20up-The far uphill side of the brick arched ceiling chamber at 192' 21up-Gianluca looking back at Joel entering the chamber 22up-Jeff entering the chamber 23up-Jeff and Joel in the 11' long brick arched ceiling chamber - 4' wide, 4.5' high 24up-Continuing on past the arched chamber 25up-205' uphill, A 20 inch diameter culvert entering from the left(west), Gianluca crawling, Joel taking measurements 26up-209' uphill, Entering a 10' long section that is sided with cement blocks and rebar and cement ceiling 27up-Looking back at Joel entering the cement block and rebar ceiling section 28up-219' uphill, A water pipe (under Main St.) at the end of the cement block section 29up-Main St., looking up Chapman St. - kids at long crack system in Main St. where water line is supposed to lie 8' underneath 30up-Continuing on uphill - under Main St.? 31up-A pipe entering from the side and a larger one straight ahead 32up-Joel and Gianluca coming up on the pipe entering from their left 33up-248' uphill, The 18 inch diameter culvert entering from the left - this is from a storm drain on the west side of Chapman St. 34up-The storm drain on Chapman St. where we could talk and be heard, but could not see light 35up-A large 24 inch diameter pipe straight ahead.  Is this the end of the line?  Look at the large stone above the pipe 36up-The 24 inch diameter large pipe below and another strange chamber above it 37up-262' uphill, Gianluca next to a small 12 inch diameter culvert draining Main St. entering from the right 38up-The storm drain on Main St. that was about 7' to the right of us in the tunnel - we could see light 39up-Looking up into the cement chamber above the pipe 40up-Looking up the length of the cement chamber 41up-Looking up the length of the cement chamber 42up-Looking back at Joel climbing up into the cement chamber 43up-Looking back at Gianluca crawling in the cement chamber 44up-309' uphill, The end of the cement chamber 45up-End of the line.  End of the cement chamber.  Look at the brick in the foreground. 46up-Robinson written on the brick - kind of cool 1back-On our way back out of the tunnel - Joel ahead of me 2back-On our way back, down and out of the tunnel 3back-Gianluca on the way out 4back-I was looking for blind cave fish, but all I could find was these tiny, newty amphibian things 5back-A witch turned me into a newt - but I got better... 6back-Down and around the corner 7back-The light at the end of the tunnel 1down-Going downhill toward the alley 2down-Going downhill toward the alley 3down-Continuing downhill toward the alley 4down-38' downhill, a pipe entering from the ceiling of the tunnel 5down-Continuing downhill 6down-A cement arched ceiling section ahead 7down-Jeff crawling down toward the cement arched ceiling area 8down-Jeff and his mightly light entering the cement arched ceiling area 9down-At the end of the cement arched ceiling area is a section with metal half-barrels lining the ceiling 10down-Looking into the barrel ceiling area 11down-Looking further down into the barrel ceiling area 12down-77' downhill, Rod getting ready to enter the barrel ceiling area 13down-Barrels above, then cement sides, then the old stone wall under and behind everything 14down-Continuing down and to the left in the barrel ceiling area 15down-Down and into a lower area of the barrels 16down-A cement culvert up ahead at the end of the barrels 17down-The cement culvert at the end of the barrels 18down-Starting into the cement culvert area 19down-The end of the cement culvert up ahead 20down-The cement culvert drops off into a large cement room with an iron rung ladder to the right 21down-At the floor is another cement culvert going underneath 42 with an exit on the other side 22down-In the ceiling is a grate 23down-Rescued by Gianluca, Joel and Jeff.  They lifted the grate so I could climb out. You'd never know so much just happened under that small pile of rubble

Potential Underground Railroad Exploration, Waynesville, house on Main St. - July, 2012