Dad and Mateo at the campfire Gianluca on the campout in the backyard Mom and Dad at the campout Mateo swinging on the gate on the first geocache hunt Mateo and Gianluca found our first geocache Gianluca's 10th birthday morning breakfast Mateo got Gianluca a whoopee cushion for his birthday Gianluca's 10th birthday Gianluca blew out all his candles The best present - an Android tablet Blackberry and her kittens Mateo, Rod and Gianluca making blue pancakes Rod and Mateo marking a face on a pumpkin Christa cutting her pumpkin face Gianluca watching Dad cut his jack-o-lantern Tim and Dad making their jack-o-lanterns Jeff and Mom watching Vicki watching Jasmin cut her jack-o-lantern Jack-o-lanterns in the back of the truck Christa helping Mateo cut his jack-o-lantern The jack-o-lantern makers Jasmin, Christa, Gianluca and Mateo with a present Three kittens Jack-o-lanterns at night Rod and Mateo on the Beaver Mateo, Gianluca and Rod working on Gianluca's rocket Gianluca hauling jack-o-lanterns with the Beaver Rod and Gianluca hauling jack-o-lanterns with the Beaver Mateo with his oil cap - making the rocket Rod and Gianluca mixing the rocket fuel The first rocket lift off - not quite Everyone mixing up fuel for the second attempt Congratulations - the rocket is airborne Vinegar and Baking Soda - the rocket fuel Pumpkins on the front porch Gianluca riding the Beaver in the front yard The kittens exploring the front porch Rod, Mateo and Gianluca riding on a nice fall day Rod and Mateo on the Beaver Gianluca and his Halloween costume Mateo and his Halloween costume Gianluca and Mateo in their Halloween costumes Mateo giving his evil villain look Gianluca and Mateo going trick-or-treating Mateo, Christa and Gianluca with all the candy Mateo with all the candy

October, 2011