Christa and Mateo at the soybean field at the top of the hill Gianluca and Mateo in the leaf pile Aunt Camille, Gianluca and Mateo Aunt Camille, Christa, Rod and Gianluca Rod teaching Mateo how to ride a bicycle Rod and Mateo - learning how to ride a bicycle Gianluca riding his bicycle from Mr. Chamberlain Mateo riding his bicycle Dad watching the bicycle riding process Mateo, Rod and Dad - Mateo learns to ride a bicycle Mateo and Gianluca in the leaf pile Christa leaping into the leaf pile Mateo riding his bicycle on the bike path Mateo - first wipeout on his bicycle on the bikepath Grandma, Mateo and Dad - popcorn before the movie Rod and the kittens Gooseberry the kitten Huckleberry the kitten Blackberry with her kittens - Blueberry, Gooseberry and Huckleberry Canoeing with the Polters under the covered bridge - Kurt, Gavin and Rachel Canoeing with the Polters - barrels along the river Canoeing with the Polters - skipping stones And behind door number three we have... Mateo and Gianluca fixing the electricity in the kitchen Mateo and his turkey hat from school Mateo and Christa making pumpkin pies Pumpkin fall decorations on the kitchen door Christa and Mateo stirring the pumpkin pie filling Mateo and Gianluca making pumpkin pies Mateo and Gianluca feeding the toy soldier

November, 2011