Top of Muir Valley, Rod, JohnPaul, Barbara, Gianluca, Mateo - pack is heavier that I thought! Muir Valley parking lot, Rod, Christa, JP, Mateo, Gianluca - pack hasn't gotten any lighter! Gianluca on a climb, Low Exposure, Practice Wall JohnPaul on Low Exposure JP half way up Low Exposure Barbara starting Short and Sweet, Practice Wall Barbara working the crack on Short and Sweet Barbara half way up Short and Sweet Barbara - survived her first climb! Christa belaying Gianluca on Acrophobiacs Anonymous, Practice Wall, Barbara and Mateo Gianluca at the top of Acrophobiacs Anonymous Mateo half way up Acrophobiacs Anonymous Mateo working some moves on Acrophobiacs Anonymous Mateo close to the top of Acrophobiacs Anonymous, Gianluca Christa belaying and Mateo at the top of Acrophobiacs Anonymous Barbara on Acrophobiacs Anonymous Barbara at the top of Acrophobiacs Anonymous JohnPaul on Acrophobiacs Anonymous JP making a move on Acrophobiacs Anonymous Gianluca and JP, Practice Wall, Muir Valley Gianluca and JP with the clipstick

May climbing at the Red River Gorge, Muir Valley with the Kelczewski's, 2011