Gianluca with his labeled invention of some sorts Mateo wanted a picture of him leaning while he runs Someone dropped off a stray cat with no home Maybe we have a cat and the cat has found a home - we named it Blackberry Gianluca and Mateo on a hike at the dam overflow for Ceasars Creek Lake Our first climbing trip up at John Bryan State park - anchors at the top of the Green climb Mateo at the bottom of the Green climb Rod looking up at the route Rod finishing the route Christa belaying Rod and Mateo goofing off Christa belaying Rod Rod getting ready to belay Christa Christa pushing Mateo up a climb Mateo hang dogging on his first outside route Gianluca, Mateo and Rod at the waterfall we found at John Bryan park Gianluca with his vegetable garden he started inside Hike and picnic along Ceasars Creek Bike ride out to Ceasars Creek Gianluca, Rod and Mateo sitting on a big log along the Little Miami River Looking down the length of the sitting log Rod and Mateo taking a dip in Ceasars Creek Rod and Mateo looking up in Ceasars Creek Gianluca getting in the water with us Gianluca feeling wild and wonderful after his dip in the creek Mateo drying off after his dip Christa remembers that we brought lunch!

May, 2011