Rod making the train-set table in the basement Rod, Mateo and Gianluca.  Mateo lighting the advent candles. Rod, Mateo and Gianluca and the advent calendars. Rod and Gianluca figuring out how to play sequence. Gianluca, Mateo and Christa decorating for Christmas. Gianluca and Mateo with decorations on a morning before Christmas. Gianluca lighting the advent calendars. Mateo and Gianluca playing boats. Mateo, Christa and Gianluca picking out our Christmas tree. Rod, Gianluca and Mateo with the reindeer at the Christmas tree farm. Rod and Christa with our new Christmas tree. Mateo, Christa and Gianluca decorating the Christmas tree. Gianluca and Dad. Dad, Mom, Mateo and Gianluca in front of the Christmas tree. Mateo, Christa and Gianluca making Christmas cookie dough. Vicki, Jasmin, Gianluca, Christa and Mateo with Christmas cookie colors. Emily, Nicholas, Annalisa, Gianluca, Mateo and Jasmin making cookies. Emily, Nicholas, Gianluca and Jasmin making cookies. Annalisa making a Christmas cookie. Christa and all the Christmas cookies. The kittens, Blueberry, Huckleberry and Gooseberry. Mateo under the table with Thomas the train. Mateo and Gianluca on the couch as Christmas draws near. Gianluca, Rod and Mateo - reading the night before Christmas. The Christmas tree and presents. Gianluca on Christmas morning. Mateo and Gianluca - the presents are all unwrapped. Gianluca and Rod - with the Red Ryder BB gun. Mateo and his cap gun. Mateo and his helicopter. Mateo shooting Gianluca's remote control plane out of the air as Christa launches it. Mateo, Gianluca and Rod and the remote control plane. Mateo, his Christmas stuff and bomber jacket. Mom, Dad and Gianluca opening presents at Mom and Dad's house. Gianluca and Mateo playing rock-em-sock-em robots. Jasmin at Mom and Dad's. Katie, Rod and Mateo at Mom and Dad's. Gianluca and his Christmas cookies. Playing Left-Right-Center on New Years Eve at Tim and Vicki's house. Vicki, Tim and Mateo on New Year's Eve. Gianluca and Mateo on New Year's Eve.

December, 2011