Trip down - Jeff sneaking up on Vicki and Tim in a traffic jam Anna, Katie and Biz Trip down - breakfast Trip down - toward the outer banks - Jeff and Becka's car with the kayaks Ocracoke lighthouse Becka, Biz, Noah and Anna Noah, Anna and Biz Cape Hatteras lighthouse Bodie Island lighthouse - Becka, Biz, Noah, Anna Becka, Anna and Noah Stairsteps inside Cape Hatteras lighthouse Jasmin and Vicki - top of Cape Hatteras lighthouse Vacation rentals on the outer banks Our vacation rental - DMANFISH Kitchen table our rental Biz, Jeff, Becka at the table Jasmin at the kitchen counter Kitchen table - computers and jigsaw puzzles Vicki, Tim and Gianluca at the kitchen table Jeff making breakfast - bacon! Gianluca and mom at the table Christa and Mateo - breakfast at the kitchen counter Nathan brought everyone a southern delicacy - Boiled Peanuts! Dad isn't too sure about these boiled peanuts Yep - these boiled peanuts are not very good! House swimming pool - Rod, Vicki, Jasmin, Christa, Mateo and Mom Noah and Becka in the pool at night Jasmin jumping into the pool at night Jeff, Katie and Tim in the jacuzzi Noah, Katie and Gianluca - couch in the rental Mateo passed out on the couch Jasmin and Gianluca playing pool Jasmin and Gianluca playing pool Christa and Mateo out on the deck Mateo checking out the cooler for beer Becka and Jeff on the deck Tim on the deck Vicki on the deck Mateo on the deck Mateo, Christa and Rod on the deck Christa and Mateo on the deck Rod having coffee on the deck From the deck - our path over the dune to the beach Top of the dune - looking back at our vacation rental in the middle Sunset through the Sea Oats dune grass Katie taking an empty beach cart back to the rental at dusk The moon from our deck one night Emily and Katie - coming back the dune trail from the beach Hauling our toys over the dune to the beach - Mateo, Rod, Jasmin and Gianluca Hauling our toys over the top of the dune Down the other side of the dune to the beach Down to the beach Our chairs set up on the beach Jasmin and Noah on the beach Jasmin, Becka, Tim and Jeff on the beach Mom and Dad on the beach Tim, Mateo, Gianluca and Jasmin on the beach Christa, Tim, Mateo, Gianluca and Jasmin on the beach Tim, Mateo and Jasmin burying Gianluca on the beach Gianluca being buried Gianluca buried Mateo and Gianluca - Gianluca buried Mateo with his blue sunglasses Anna, Biz and Noah - you can taste the salt in the air! Biz, Noah and Anna - if they could only see me now! Anna - sometimes I just can't help myself Biz, Becka and Noah - and a lot of wide open beach Mateo, Christa and Noah on the boardwalk out to the beach Noah on the beach Biz and Noah building a sand fort on the beach Jasmin, Mateo and Gianluca on the beach Tim messing with the seagulls Mateo with his bucket on the beach Jasmin - I dig, therefore I am Tim  - don't ever make those cookies again! Anna, Becka and Jeff - there it is - right there! Jasmin - add one large castle top of salt water to a bucket of sand... Gianluca digging caves in the sand wall Nathan asleep - Gianluca caught eating sand Mateo, Gianluca and Rod building a sea wall to protect the town Christa and Mateo on the boardwalk Christa and Jasmin styling on the beach Mateo giving his very best smile Mom and Dad on the beach Mateo - just happy to be here on the beach Christa and Mateo playing on the sand Jeff and Katie - boogie boarding Becka, Christa and Anna floating on their boogie boards in the water Tim and Biz in the kayaks Jasmin with her Hard Slick boogie board Jasmin surfing a wave Jasmin and Tim and their boogie boards Christa surfs a wave Christa riding the wave all the way to the beach Jasmin on a wave Tim on the kayak Tim and Gianluca - boogie board and kayak Rod, with some helpless victim in his sights Rod rides the kayak in to shore - Mateo in the foreground Rod in the kayak - I don't need no stinkin' wave Mateo in the kayak Biz on a wave in the kayak Katie with her board Rod towing Mateo in the kayak Mateo on a wave in the kayak Rod getting the kayak ready for hopping into Becka surfs a wave Becka surfs a wave Becka in the wave Tim digging a hole for the night's fire - didn't anyone else bring a shovel? Tim putting wood into the fire pit Tim lighting the fire - Emmy with her hat Tim and Vicki, enjoying the nighttime wind on the beach Noah with his flashlight on the beach Gianluca, Jasmin, Emily and Katie - night on the beach Becka and Biz, night on the beach Nathan and Noah - fire on the beach Katie with a crab on her shirt Becka, Noah, Biz and Anna - night on the beach Crab - there's a reason we don't sleep on the beach at night Emily, Katie and Nathan - fire pit on the beach Katie and Emily waiting in the car for the ferry Dad, Emily and Tim - shouldn't the ferry be here by now? Tim and Vicki waiting for the ferry Mom, Emily and Dad waiting for the ferry Vicki, Jasmin and Tim waiting for the ferry The whole group on the steps of the ferry Nathan, Gianluca and Katie on the observation deck of the ferry Biz and Becka - back of the ferry A car ferry pulling in to dock Mom and Dad on the ferry Vicki and Jasmin on the ferry - eating the seagull's food Getting bread to feed the gulls on the ferry The whole group getting bread to feed the gulls Emily and Katie - smart phone on the back of the ferry Jasmin, Jeff, Gianluca, Mateo and Christa feeding the gulls Jasmin and Tim surfing with the alien in the back of the truck Jasmin and Tim in the back of the truck Tim, Vicki, Jasmin and Gianluca the unflappable - back of the truck Gianluca and Jasmin at the fishing boat Tim, Jasmin, Gianluca, Mom, Dad, Vicki - fishing boat Wake at the back of the fishing boat Jasmin in the fishing chair A fishing boat passing under a bridge Gianluca and Jasmin getting help with their fishing poles Tim pointing out the fish to Gianluca and Jasmin Gianluca, Jasmin and Tim in the fishing boat All the fish they caught Biz luring in customers for funnel cake Noah and Anna - are you supposed to eat these things Dad with his new reading glasses Rod with his new reading glasses Dad and Rod - we can read the menu now Dinner table at the restaurant Kids dinner table - Gianluca, Jasmin and Mateo Rod and Christa at the restaurant Emily, Gianluca and Jasmine outside the restaurant Everyone at the restaurant table Vicki and Tim at the restaurant Mom and Dad at the restaurant Jasmin and Katie at the restaurant Jeff and Becka at the restaurant Biz, Noah and Anna at the restaurant Nathan and Emily at the restaurant Kids table - Mateo, Gianluca and Jasmin Happy birthday to Mom and Dad

July - Cape Hatteras, 2011