The sleepover boys - JP, Cael, Tom, Scott, Gianluca - Mateo in back Tom, Cael and JP running through the woods Boys in the woods Mayapple patch - Cael, Tom, Gianluca, JP and Scott. Boys in the Mayapple patch - nice and orderly for the photo Boys in the Mayapple patch - left on their own for 10 seconds Boys in the woods - who's the strongest? Scott and Cael checking out a swinging grape vine Pizza at the counter - can it get any better? Getting ready for turns on the ATV - ready to rumble Cael on the ATV Tom on the ATV - we wouldn't let them tie JP to the front Scott on the ATV JP on the ATV - posing to increase sales Boys, fire and marshmallows Boys, fire and marshmallows2 Tom - I don't eat the marshmallows.  I just cook the most possible at one time :) JP is impressed with Tom's marshmallow extravaganza More marshmallowing JP achieves maximum marshmallow flamage The treasure hunt - JP reading the next clue The treasure hunt - Suzuki ride to the next clue The treasure hunt - Suzuki ride to the next clue2 The treasure hunt - Cael in the back of the Suzuki The treasure hunt - finding the grand prize in the kayak The treasure hunt - the grand prize The treasure hunt - prizes for all The treasure hunt - everyone has a squirt gun - and you know what this means! Gianluca with his squirt gun Tom with his squirt gun Scott with his squirt gun JP with his squirt gun JP and Cael hiding in ambush with their squirt guns Cael with his squirt gun Boys settling down in their sleeping bags for a movie Boys in the morning still asleep in their bags Gianluca asleep in the chair in the morning Boys at the counter for breakfast JP chows his hashbrown down Tom can chow two hashbrowns at the same time Cael can chow two hashbrowns and bacon at the same time Scott - Mr. baconator - forget those hashbrowns! Gianluca can eat the plate, hashbrowns and bacon all at once Poor Mateo just wants to be part of everything

April Sleepover, 2011