Christa and Mateo at the Waynesville Fire Dept. fish fry Gianluca at the Waynesville Fire Dept. fish fry Calling all cars... we need a fish sandwich! Gianluca at the Waynesville Fire Dept. fish fry2 Mateo, Rod and Gianluca with the new hampster pen and two new hampsters Mateo with the new hampster pen Gianluca and Mateo with the new hampster pen The cement pumper for our rest-of-house addition Pouring the slab for the rest of our house Christa trying out for poster girl for the cement truck Christa, Mateo and Gianluca kayaking in the bottom field during the flood Gianluca in the kayak Rod and Mateo in the kayak getting ready to push off Rod and Mateo, Gianluca in the background, kayaking in the lower field Christa, Mateo, Jasmin, Vicki and Gianluca coloring Easter eggs Coloring Easter eggs, Vicki figuring out the tie die egg coloring technique Everybody with all the colored Easter eggs Mateo, Jasmin and Gianluca playing board games on Easter weekend Gianluca, Mateo and Jasmin spashing in puddles on the driveway Mateo doing the big splash in the driveway puddle Mateo lost his balance and into the puddle - going to happen sooner or later Three wet puddle jumpers Gianluca, Mateo and Rod - Easter morning baskets Gianluca and Mateo with bags to hunt Easter eggs Christa cooking the tomato sauce for Easter lasagna Gianluca, Mateo, Rod and Jasmin on the covered bridge before the Easter egg hunt Mateo, Jasmin and Gianluca ready to look for Easter eggs Rod helping Mateo find some Easter eggs Gianluca, Jasmin, Dad and Mom on Easter in the kitchen

April, 2011