Mateo, Jasmine and Gianluca. Gianluca and Jasmine playing Battleship. Gianluca, Mateo and Jasmine playing Christa's piano. Jasmine, Gianluca and Mateo eating goldfish. Gianluca's birthday morning - 9 years old. Gianluca's birthday morning - its just too exciting! Gianluca and Mateo on the birthday morning. Gianloca at school with his costume of Saint Gabriel. Mateo and Dad - Mateo with his pumpkin carving knife. Carving Pumpkins.Mom, Christa, Mateo, Jasmine, Gianluca, Vicki and Dad. Mateo chasing Gianluca and Jasmine. Mateo chasing Gianluca and Jasmine. Mateo and his dumptruck. Dad carving his pumpkin. Everybody and their scary pumpkin. <br> Mom, Dad, Rod, Christa, Vicki, Gianluca, Jasmine and Mateo. Mateo and Gianluca in their Halloween Trick-or-Treat costumes. Mateo in the push stroller for Trick-or-Treating. Pirate Mateo asleep for Trick-or-Treating. Ninja Gianluca during Trick-or-Treating. Gianluca and his Trick-or-Treating candy.

October, 2010