Mateo playing the piano. Mateo and Gianluca with Gianluca's Thanksgiving Day school project. Gianluca cooking with steam! Mateo helping cook marshmallow pancakes. Rod and Mateo on the Thanksgiving hike. The Thanksgiving trip group <br> Betty, Kim, Eric, Gianluca, Stan, Eric, Jeff, Christa, Mateo, Rod, Dad, Vicki and Tim. Gianluca, Mateo and Christa on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving pizza at cousin Mark's. Gianluca and Christa in the background making pizza. Rod and Mateo making pizza. Rod and Mateo making pizza.  Gianluca is overcome with pizza festivities. Gianluca, Christa, Rod and Mateo at cousin Mark's. Nathan, Becka, Becca and Jeff. Tim announcing his presence with Betty and Mom. Tim gathering all the women of the party.<br>Vicki, Betty, Tim, Becca, Mom, Christa, Kim and Julie. Tim and the gals - Huber heaven!<br>Becka, Vicki, Betty Tim, Becca, Mom, Christa, Jordan, Kim, Julie and Rachel. Rod and Mateo on a hike the day after Thanksgiving. Mateo at the Christmas tree in the cabin.

November, 2010