Mateo, Gianluca and Christa getting ready to put up Christmas decorations. Gianluca and Mateo playing games. Rod, Gianluca and Mateo getting ready to decorate the Christmas tree. Gianluca, Mateo and Christa decorating the Christmas tree. Christmas decorations No wonder the candy canes tasted a little strange. Mateo, Gianluca, Christa and Rod - the tree is decorated. Gianluca, Rod and Mateo setting up the fort in a snowstorm.<br>Gianluca was determined to sleep out in the fort. Mom and Dad's house with Christmas lights as seen from the bottom field. Gianluca at his school's Christmas performance. An incredibly large mouth!  A true Kodak moment :) There is just too much excitement in this classroom. Gianluca and his teacher, Mr. Roalef. Gianluca and the fresh snow. Gianluca and Mateo doing their best Picasso imitations. Gianluca and Rod clearing snow off the kitchen porch. Christa, Gianluca, Jasmine and Mateo making Christmas cookies. Jasmine, Gianluca, Mateo and Rod decorating Christmas cookies. Dad, Mom, Gianluca, Jasmine, Vicki, Rod and Mateo decorating cookies. Mateo, Gianluca, Jasmine and Dad - caught in the act. Gianluca, Dad, Mom and Christa decorating cookies. Mateo, Christa, Jasmine, Gianluca, Vicki, Mom and Dad at the Christmas tree farm. Mateo and the choo choo train at the Christmas tree farm. Mateo and hot chocolate. Mom, Mateo and Dad looking at Alaska pictures on the computer. Gianluca and Mateo mixing up cookies. Gianluca, Rod and Mateo on a winter hike. Mateo, Christa and Gianluca on Christmas eve. Gianluca and Mateo on Christmas eve. Gianluca, Christa and Mateo hanging Christmas stockings. Food for Santa Claus and his reindeer. Rod, Gianluca and Mateo - tickle time! Gianluca on Christmas morning - first present. Gianluca and the big present. Gianluca and a new Nintendo game. Mateo and Christmas. Rod and Mateo trying to figure out the remote control car. Gianluca, Jeff and Mateo - the new ATVs. Gianluca on his new ATV. Gianluca on his new ATV. Mateo with his new chainsaw. Opening presents at Mom and Dads.<br>Gianluca, Vicki, Tim and Eric. Opening presents at Mom and Dads.<br>Eric, Jasmine, Emily and Katie. Opening presents at Mom and Dads.<br>Mateo, Gianluca, Vicki, Tim and Eric. Rod and Mateo on Mateo's new ATV. Mateo and Gianluca playing with presents. Rachael and Christa making dinner. Mom, Dad, Rachael and Rod playing dominoes. Gianluca in the lower field on his ATV. Rachael in the lower field on an ATV. Gianluca running circles around Rod and Mateo on his ATV. Mateo on his new ATV. Mateo and Gianluca on their new ATVs. Christa, Mateo, Gianluca and Rachael cooking. Rod, Gianluca and Rachael playing Jenga Max. Mateo - all played out. Gianluca, Rachael, Rod and Mom at New Years Eve. New Years Eve<br>Eric, Rachael, Dad, Mom, Christa, Rod, Mateo, Gianluca, Tim, Jeff and Becca. New Years Eve - Mateo.

December, 2010