A fall day at the lake.  Rachael, Rod, Mateo and Gianluca. Walking in to the Sauerkraut festival.  Gianluca, Mateo, Christa and Rod. Scaffolding for stucco on our house. Fishing at Vicki and Tim's pond. Rachael's Large Mouth Bass. Inside the mouth of a Large Mouth Bass. Rachael's and Gianluca's fish.  Rachael, Rod, Jasmine, Gianluca and Vicki. Jasmine and Gianluca wrestling with Tim. Christa and the electricians working on our kitchen. Carving pumpkins.  Jasmine, Tim, Rachael, Dad, Gianluca and Christa. Dad, Katie and the rat. Carved pumpkins at night. Everyone with their pumpkins.  Gianluca, Rod, Jasmine, Rachael, Vicki, Christa and Mateo. Sitting on the couch at Mom and Dad's.  Gianluca, Rod, Mateo and Rachael. Mateo wants food. Mateo and Gianluca at Kings Island. Mateo and Gianluca at Kings Island. Mateo is not happy about something. Gianluca's birthday.  Mom, Becka, Dad, Christa and Gianluca. Mom and Christa with Gianluca's birthday cake. Gianluca with a birthday present. Gianluca dressed as John the Baptist for his school. Mateo dressed as a pirate for Halloween. Gianluca dressed for Halloween. Ready for trick or treating at the Smiths.  Lisa, unknown, Alex, Christa, Rod, Mateo, Gianluca and Parker.

October, 2009